We Stand on Our Record of Safe Operations

outdoor bridgeRegardless of how simple or complex a process is, nothing is more important than the safe operation of your systems.

There’s just too much at stake — for you and for us.

That’s why safety is as much a part of our culture as innovation and engineering expertise. Here’s a case in point: Abednego received the 2009 Toyota Safety Award. In fact, company-wide there were no Lost Time Accidents in 2009!

Why Safety Is So Important to Us

towersIt’s clear that the safest operations produce better quality products, reduced worker’s compensation costs and fewer employee absences.

To meet the highest standards of safety, all Abednego technicians receive ongoing training that exceeds OSHA requirements. With a dedicated Corporate Safety Director, our technicians complete all safety training in-house. In fact, under the direction of our OSHA-authorized Outreach Trainer, we can also provide the standard 10- and 30-hour OSHA-sanctioned training courses for our supplier and customer partners too.

Our Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

outdoor tanksWe believe our responsibilities include the successful integration of safety and health safeguards into every operation we undertake. We are fully committed to this goal in specific ways such as:

  • Designing systems that minimize waste
  • Creating recycling programs to reduce what goes to a landfill
  • Maximizing the useful life of the products and tools you use
  • Minimizing the use of chemicals that can be harmful to the environment
  • Reducing and properly handling hazardous waste
  • Using products that are easily recyclable

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