Do You Have Process Engineering Experts on Your Team?

pumpPeople talk about the profound changes the auto industry has undergone the past few years, but there’s no denying that challenges persist. Manufacturers who are successful are searching for new thinking, new technology, or new operational structures to accomplish  more with less. We understand the pressures you face.

But here’s the good news: We also know how to make that happen. In fact, no one can offer you the unique perspective we do. For many years we were part of an international organization with the leading engineering team in the industry who pioneered numerous important advances in paint finishing technologies.

Nothing Beats Experience.

Recovered Paint Solids®

There is one crucial difference that our customers get in every service we perform, in every system we modify, and every piece of equipment we provide — that difference is nearly 30 years of operational experience in large manufacturing facilities with highly demanding process systems.

This exceptional base of knowledge means that every system or service program we design has been thoroughly analyzed and evaluated by engineers and technicians who have actually run and maintained the same systems.

Whether you need a simple upgrade or a comprehensive new system, Abednego will provide turnkey services that ensure your success.

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